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Men gynecomastia is a common problem that has several diverse causes. In general, gynecomastia is an abnormal increase in the size of the mammary glands in men due to hypertrophy of glandular or adipose tissue, or both at once.


The male physique assumes certain standards: a pumped-up torso, relief muscles of the arms. If a man has visibly enlarged breasts that it makes the silhouette similar to a woman's, it is worth contacting a specialist.


In the Genesis clinic in Lviv, men will be helped to identify the causes of such an anomaly as gynecomastia and, if necessary, remove it.




  • Gynecomastia can be real or fake. True gynecomastia is the presence in a man of a congenital vestigial mammary gland that has the outline and capsule of a true female mammary gland. Most men do not notice the presence of such a rudimentary gland from birth, since it is hidden under a layer of subcutaneous fat. If men with this feature want to have an athletic physique and pump pectoral muscles, with a low amount of subcutaneous fat, nipple protrusion can become quite noticeable. Self-care men should correct this aesthetic flaw by surgically removing gynecomastia.

  • False gynecomastia, or pseudogynecomastia, is simply a visible increase in breast size due to excess adipose tissue, which is actually a type of obesity that occurs in men. You can reduce the amount of fat in the chest area by liposuction or plastic surgery.

  • The mixed type is both the growth of glandular tissue and excessive fat deposits in the breast area. It is also corrected with the help of plastics.

  • The causes of gynecomastia in men can also be serious diseases of the endocrine system, metabolic disorders, the effects of stress, taking hormonal drugs, including the use of hormonal cosmetics, as well as alcoholism and drug use. In particular, gynecomastia is quite common among professional bodybuilders.

  • Age – related gynecomastia, which is related to the physiological level of hormones, should be distinguished. So, at the age of over 65, the level of testosterone in the body of men decreases and the overall hormonal background of the body changes significantly, which can lead to a certain degree of enlargement of the mammary glands, especially in the presence of excess weight.

  • Pubertal gynecomastia occurs in adolescent boys, which is caused by a temporary predominance of estradiol over testosterone in the body. Over time, the young man's hormonal background stabilizes and the physiological signs of gynecomastia disappear.




The presence of a rudimentary breast gland  from birth, which creates aesthetic discomfort, in case of no hormonal disorders in the male body, is an indication for surgery.

In cases of false gynecomastia associated with breast enlargement due to an excessive layer of fat, liposuction may be sufficient.

With the mixed form, the growth of glandular tissue and the excess of fatty tissue are surgically removed.

In some cases, gynecomastia requires conservative drug treatment. It is important to establish an accurate diagnosis and the true reasons for the increase in breast size in a man.



Visible breast enlargement in men can be a manifestation of a serious disease, therefore, before making a decision on surgical treatment of gynecomastia, it is necessary to undergo a complete examination.

An endocrinologist's consultation and tests on the level of male and female hormones in the body (testosterone, estrogen and other hormones) are a mandatory step. The pre-operative analysis package can be submitted directly to our clinic. Ultrasound is included in the price of the operation.

Therefore, surgical removal of gynecomastia is possible only after establishing an accurate diagnosis, so the first step is a consultation in our clinic in Lviv. The plastic surgeon will use ultrasound to determine the type of gynecomastia and examine the tissue structure of the enlarged breast. Also, the doctor must establish the reasons that led to breast enlargement, whether the patient has any diseases that could have caused sudden changes in the hormonal background.

If the plastic surgeon is convinced that the surgical removal of gynecomastia is appropriate and will give the desired aesthetic result, the patient is assigned a date for the operation.

Perhaps, as part of the preparation for gynecomastia removal surgery, the doctor will prescribe drug treatment to normalize the hormonal background and strengthen the body. The operation is minimally traumatic, rehabilitation is quick and has no complications.

The operation is performed under general (gas) anesthesia, which provides easy entry and exit from anesthesia.

The enlarged breast gland in the connective tissue capsule is removed through a small incision along the line of the lower edge of the nipple areola. Most often, the removal of gynecomastia in our clinic is carried out as follows: first, the capsule of the rudimentary mammary gland is removed, and in addition, excess subcutaneous fat, which creates an extra volume on the chest, is removed too.

After the operation, you will stay in the clinic for 1 to 3 days. Post-operative care by qualified medical staff, new comfortable single wards, high-quality three-course meals are at your service.

On the 5th - 7th day after the operation, the sutures are removed. Rehabilitation after removal of gynecomastia consists in wearing compression underwear for a month. It is also necessary to avoid physical activity during this period. Since the incision is made along the lower border of the areola, the scar will be completely invisible after healing.




quick, painless, safe procedure;

very short rehabilitation period;

excellent aesthetic result;

absence of complications;

affordable price for examination and operation.


You will get rid of aesthetic discomfort in just one procedure.

When the rehabilitation period comes to an end, you will get a slender male torso, and you will be able to improve your body through physical exercises, pump up the muscles of the arms, chest and abs.


Watch your body weight, prevent obesity, exercise, eat a healthy and avoid excessive beer consumption - this will help you maintain an athletic look for many years!