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The exclusivity of the Genesis concept is a unique complexity, a single system for the range of all surgical, medical and beauty procedures.


Genesis Esthetic Clinic!

Hair transplantation and regeneration


Genesis Clinic Surgery Department solves aesthetic issues with the use of modern technology and the highest level of certification.

Genesis is high quality, guaranteed safety and long – lasting aesthetic result!


In addition to routine examination methods, the gynecology department treats a number of problems with the use of modern highly effective, non-invasive and completely painless laser technologies.

Innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment are already working for the health and beauty of our patients.

Diagnostics and consultation

Personalized rehabilitation programs


  • Alternative plastic surgery / Apparatus cosmetology
  • Classical cosmetology
  • Injection Cosmetology


  • Hair service
  • Visage
  • Nail service


Kryvchytsʹka Doroha, 8a Lviv, Lviv region, 79014

Working hours

from mo to su from 08:00 to 22:00

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