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The Genesis clinic in Lviv offers the most effective method of treating baldness: hair transplantation with the Artas iX robot


ARTAS iX is a unique robot of the latest generation that has no analogues in the world. It is equipped with a high-magnification video system and a unique two-needle graft extraction system.

The ARTAS iX robot is used today in the best clinics in the USA and Europe. The method of hair transplantation has already been successfully used by famous people and stars of show business.


           From now on, there is no need to go abroad: hair transplantation with the Artas iX robot is already available in Lviv!



<p style="text-align:center"><span style="color:#000000"><span style="font-size:26px">PRECISION, SAFETY, EFFICIENCY: ADVANTAGES OF ARTAS IX ROBOT HAIR TRANSPLANTATION</span></span></p>

The procedure is highly effective among all other methods of hair transplantation.

The procedure is less invasive, painless and completely comfortable for the patient, with no visible scars in the future. The operation is much faster than traditional surgical hair transplantation, as the Artas iX robot can extract up to 60 grafts in one minute.

Pre-operative planning and modeling of the results that you will receive at the end of the treatment takes place immediately before the procedure itself, with the help of the Artas Hair Studio application. On the screen you will be able to see a 3 – D model of your future hairstyle.

The Artas iX robot independently determines the strongest follicles suitable for transplantation, and does it much more accurately and quickly than a doctor, eliminating the human factor - because the robot does not make mistakes, does not get tired and does not lose its attention concentration. The high precision of excision of the grafts allows to remove 90% of the follicles without damaging the hair bulbs, while manual surgery damages up to 50% of the bulbs. Therefore, Artas iX robotic hair transplantation guarantees a better result.

A short period of rehabilitation after surgery. The Artas iX robot immediately preserves the area of ​​the donor hair bulb from where it was taken for transplantation, and as a result, the microwound heals very quickly. After hair transplantation with the Artas iX robot, there are no postoperative scars. A few days after the procedure, you will return to your usual way of life.

Clinically proven results. You will get a natural, aesthetic and long-lasting result for a lifetime.



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  • First, you undergo a joint consultation with a doctors — transplant surgeon and a trichologist with trichoscopy at the Genesis clinic. If you are in another city, a preliminary video consultation of the doctors and an approximate calculation of the cost of treatment based on the patient's photo is possible.

  • Specialists will inform you about all questions that may arise regarding the procedure. In our clinic, we have an individual approach to each patient, for whose health and safety we are responsible.

  • Hair transplantation takes place under local anesthesia. Our patients do not feel pain. We do everything for your comfort. In addition, hair transplantation with the Artas iX robot takes much less time than traditional transplantation.





  • The Artas iX robot, using 3 – D photographs of the donor and recipient areas of the scalp, automatically analyzes the thickness of the hair cover, the direction of hair growth, even their structure, length and color. When extracting follicles for transplantation, Artas iX analyzes the number of adjacent hairs in the donor area, so that no traces of extraction are visible on the back of the head.

  • The Artas iX robot has a two-needle system: the first needle makes a small incision with a precision of 44 microns, and the second one extracts the follicle for transplantation. The intelligent machine independently marks the future hair transplant area and calculates how to distribute the implants in such a way as not to damage healthy hair in the transplant area.

  • During grafting, the robot automatically takes into account the direction of hair growth. The process takes place under the constant supervision of a transplant surgeon, a high-class specialist. The duration of the procedure is only 1 – 3 hours.


             Artas iX robotic hair transplantation is much faster than manual transplantation, accordingly, the removed follicles spend less time outside the body and, as a result, take root better



  • After the procedure, you can immediately return home and come to us for an examination at the clinic the next day. Microscopic incisions after graft removal will heal within two days. You will not have any scars after taking the follicles for transplantation, and after a few days you will be able to fully recover.

  • Six months after hair transplantation with the Artas iX robot, the results will be visible, and the final result is fixed after 9 – 12 months.


Artas iX robot transplantation will give you healthy and natural hair


  • One year after hair transplantation with the Artas iX robot, you will get a full, long-lasting and permanent effect. Hair transplanted from the nape of the neck will not be destroyed by your own hormones, as it is innately resistant to the effects of dihydrotestosterone.

  • Transplanted hair, you will be able to cut, style and even dye as desired.


                  Get lush and natural hair with minimally invasive hair restoration methods at Genesis Clinic!