Sothys Facial

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Care for normal and combination skin 700 UAH

Normal and combination skin care Sothys will give your face the most even color, beautiful matte effect, as well as clean, moisturized and protected skin. Natural plant extracts stimulate cellular regeneration, have moisturizing and nourishing properties. A special line of organic skin care products for normal and combination skin, free of harmful preservatives and fragrances, helps to purify and narrow enlarged pores.


Dry skin care 750 UAH

Dry skin care with Sothys cosmetics ensures the most healthy and even skin tone, eliminating redness. The Sothys Dry Skin Series combines moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that eliminate dryness and firmness, give it the necessary moisturizing, nourishing, enhancing skin's protective function.


Oily skin care 820 UAH

Oily skin care with Sothys cosmetics ensures a smooth matte complexion, eliminates inflammatory processes. The Sothys oily skin series nourishes the face with minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts. Care products include zinc oxide, which helps to dry and narrow pores. The absorbent powder and proteins of the almond fruit matt and even out the complexion.


Sensitive skin care 750 UAH

The Sothys Sensitive Skin Series combines moisturizing and nourishing complexes. They provide skin with easy and effective care, soothe it, enhance its own protective functions. With constant care, the Sothys SPA line makes your sensitive skin more resistant to external factors, giving it moisture and nourishment without further adverse reactions.


Couperose skin care 900 UAH

Couperose skin care on Sothys cosmetics relieves redness and irritation, ensures smoothed skin. With the constant use of Sothys cosmetics, the skin becomes more resistant to external factors. Couperose skin series combines 3 essential components: skin toning, moisturizing and soothing. Active herbal extracts fill the skin with moisture and tone it. Seaweed extract relieves the bloodstream and removes redness, and routine salts retain normal capillary permeability and reduce their brittleness.


Anti-aging care 900 UAH

Hydro-lipid complex in combination with a mineral cocktail improve the complexion, tone the skin, and most importantly – smooth wrinkles and prevent their appearance. The rejuvenation series contains active ingredients that accelerate the regeneration process, feed it the necessary elements, and have soothing properties (hyaluronic acid and collagen).


Perfect shape 1 550 UAH

Professional care keeps face contour clear from cheekbones to cleavage area, it solves problems such as: atony – loss of normal skin tone, moving fat cells to the lower part of the face, skin fading.


Oxygen-saturating modeling care 1 650 UAH