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The body correction procedure based on the principles of lymphatic drainage is carried out by the system "Starvak Pulstar PSX". Pressotherapy improves blood circulation, stimulates it, promotes swelling absorption, reduces vein enlargement, eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the legs. Pressotherapy, being a true source of good health, allows you to successfully combat the problems of the muscles and joints. Pressotherapy is recommended as a relaxing body procedure after a busy day, as well as after intense physical exercises, perfectly combined with other figure correction programs and other apparatus techniques, providing visible results immediately after the first procedure.


Recommended for treating:

Edema, decreased skin tone, varicose veins, cellulite, venous insufficiency, venous-lymphatic edema, lymphostasis, postoperative / post-traumatic edema, trophic ulcer, varicose veins, edema of cardiac and renal origin.

Procedure of enhanced modeling action. Wrapping with special drainage bandages in combination with anti-cellulite emulsions corrects and models the figure and tones the skin. Starvak Pulstar PSX Pressotherapy with numerous indications for the procedure serves as a preventive and therapeutic method. Pressotherapy promotes detoxification of the body, blood circulation, reduction of varicose veins.