Laser vaginal rejuvenation

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Intimate laser rejuvenation with AcuPulse CO2 laser. Procedure is made using FemTouch AcuPulse technology.

Recommended for:

- various forms of female sexual dysfunction,

-vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, especially during menopause,

-lowering of the vaginal walls of the first degree,

-loss of normal elasticity of the vaginal walls,

-for postpartum rehabilitation to accelerate the process of tissue repair, return the vagina to prenatal volume and restore the elasticity of the walls.

Before the procedure, you must undergo a routine examination by a gynecologist. The procedure is painless, does not require anesthesia and preparation, non-invasive and comfortable treatment, no rehabilitation period, high efficiency (90% of patients notice the effect already after the first procedure). The course of treatment consists of 2-3 procedures.


Laser vaginal rejuvenation (postpartum rehabilitation) 2 950 UAH

Laser vaginal rejuvenation for urinary incontinence 3 550 UAH

Laser vaginal rejuvenation at initial manifestations of lowering of vaginal walls 3 250 UAH

Laser vaginal rejuvenation for dryness and atrophic vaginal changes 3 250 UAH