LOCAL DYNAMIC MICROMASSAGE (LDM) - Treatment of acne, post acne, post-procedural care, phonophoresis, wrincles, face lifting, procedure mask

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Deep ultrasound lifting or LDM (Local-Dynamic-Micromassage) is performed using the IONTO-SONO®. Micromassage provides effective elimination of spasm and tension of mimic muscles, activation of metabolic processes, improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow, which stimulates the flow of oxygen into cells and increases the production of hyaluronic acid, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Effect: softening and smoothing of scars, smoothing of wrinkles, biological rejuvenation of skin.



LDM zonal - 500 UAH 

Face Lift (8-10 procedures) - 1 000 UAH

Face Lift + treatment mask (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, restorative) - 1 300 UAH