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Led Light Therapy Technology is a new trend in medical cosmetology! This unique device is the advanced development of scientists with experience of successful innovations in the field of medicine and cosmetology! Phototherapy is a non-invasive method of face and body care, a safe, effective and, most importantly, a natural method of restoring face skin!

Photodynamic therapy improves a wide range of indicators, provides treatment for hypersensitive skin.

The technology has already proven effective at Genesis Clinic!

Post-procedure phototherapy - 250 UAH

Phototherapy(new stretch marks) - 500 UAH

Vitiligo treatment (1 area) - 850 UAH

Skin cancer treatment - 500 UAH

Sensitive Skin Treatment (Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema) - 500 UAH

Treatment of alopecia - 800 UAH

Phototherapy (Striae) - 800 UAH

Photorejuvenation - 800 UAH

Cellulite treatment - 800 UAH

Acne Treatment - 850 UAH

Photorejuvenation with tanning effect - 950UAH