Endymed Pro 3 deep

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Manipula FSR

Manipula 3 DEEP Intensif allows you to perform deep 3D remodeling and skin rejuvenation procedures to tighten and strengthen it, wrinkle smoothing, and treat atrophic scarring, traumatic scars, and body stretches. 3DEEP Intensif microgloss technology delivers energy directly to the dermis at the optimum therapeutic volume with minimal impact on the epidermis, stimulating powerful synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

Manipula 3 DEEP IFine is specially designed for the treatment of periorbital and perioral areas. The ergonomic IFine shape performs procedures on the thin skin of these complex areas.The special configuration of the manipula allows to stimulate effectively and safely the processes of rejuvenation of the delicate skin of the areas around eyes and lips.

Manipula 3 DEEP MiniShaper is designed to eliminate local fat and tighten the skin in small areas- the submental area, the V-zone, face, hands and knees. The MiniShaper works on the basis of 3 DEEP technology with a depth of warming up to 8 mm.