IONTO Lift RF system is a bipolar IONTO thermal lift. The principle of radio frequency lifting is based on the contact influence of high-frequency electric current for the purpose of controlled warming of the dermis and subcutaneous fat. As a result of creating the appropriate temperature regime, the collagen is restructured and the volume of subcutaneous fat is reduced. Bipolar thermal lifting starts the process of actively developing new collagen fibers in all layers of the dermis. Effect: Rejuvenation of the face skin, neck and neckline skin, medium wrinkles smoothing, improvement of skin elasticity, increase of elasticity of connective tissue, smoothing of scars.


Neck - 500 UAH

Neckline - 700 UAH

Face - 1 000 UAH

Two areas - 1 200 UAH

Three areas - 1 700UAH