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Macro and Micro Focused Ultrasound. By generating temperatures in treatment areas above 65 degrees, we provoke tissue coagulation and immediate guaranteed lipolysis by destroying adipocytes, resulting in active recovery, producing better collagen. Thus improving the condition of the skin, we get the formation of clear, desired body shape, increasing turgor and tone, skin lifting. Ultraformer is used for correction of face oval , elimination of forehead and eyebrows ptosis, correction of nasolabial folds, correction of lowered lip corners, skin hollowness treatment of of the face, neckline, correction of the postpartum belly, modeling of of the body shape.


The required number of impulses is calculated after a consultation with a dermatologist of Genesis Clinic.



The price for the impulse (face) - 28 UAH

The price for the impulse (body) - 24 UAH