VIP Line Millennium

VIP Line Millennium

You lose weight, lift and improve skin condition – all in one course for painless and health-friendly apparatus treatments.

How the system works

The uniqueness of the device is that it causes not only linear contractions of muscles, but also their torsional twisting. This method of reduction accelerates metabolism, promotes the breakdown of fat into water, slag and toxins and their removal from the body. The result is not only fast and effective muscle training, but also a significant reduction in body fat, better complexion, swelling disappears.

With age, our muscles lose tone, and in order to look fit, muscles must be forced to "work". The VIP line Millennium hardware complex successfully accomplishes this task, allowing:

  • to provide optimum loading on muscles;
  • to work out all groups of muscles, even those that are difficult to use during exercise;
  • avoid unnecessary strain on the heart;
  • improve the figure without injury and muscle pain.

In the area of the buttocks - the unique procedure "Brazilian buttocks" guarantees a stunning effect of buttocks tightening !


  • muscle tone loss;
  • swelling;
  • buttocks sagging;
  • cellulite;
  • fat deposits;
  • fluid retention in the body.


The whole group of muscles is being processed, even those that are difficult to use during exercise.

There is no strain on the heart.

The figure is improved without injury and muscle pain.


VIP Line Millennium is FDA certified (US Food and Drug Administration).