TESLA Former

TESLA Former

The Tesla Former is a more concentrated, more focused and more efficient body shaping device. The magnetic field spreads through clothing and skin within your body. Like exercise, it triggers the motor nerves and initiates muscle contraction. Gives a feeling of high intensity training.

How the system works

The applicator stimulates the muscle tissue without direct contact with the skin, the patient is dressed and rests comfortably during therapy. Powerful Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) penetrates to a depth of 8 cm and stimulates muscles inaccessible to other forms of exposure.Muscle groups are actively contracting, feeling the load higher than in the gym. Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles enhances sexual satisfaction for both partners.The simple procedure does not require special training of the patient. The therapy is painless and suitable for all clients, including those who are unable to play sports on medical grounds.


  • spinal diseases: incisive radiculitis / chronic radiculitis, gout of the thigh (inflammation of the gluteal nerve), splitting of the spine;
  • nerve disorders: damage of the peripheral nerves;
  • musculoskeletal disorders: degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, neck pain, muscle pain;
  • relaxation, shoulder bladder periarthritis;
  • urinary diseases: prostate pain;
  • pain therapy;
  • recovery of nerves or muscles after fractures;
  • sports injuries.


Non-invasive treatment.

Muscle growth and strengthening.

Fat burning.


TESLA Former is certified by the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The device complies with the EU Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42 / EEC and has received EU certification through Notified Body 2265 (3EC International).