Swiss Cellvibe® is designed for all women, regardless of their cellulite level - a gentle and safe solution.

How the system works

Swiss Cellvibe® is a Swiss Acoustic Vibe technology that has revolutionized the rapid and effective treatment of fibrous cellulite.

Swiss Cellvibe® is a non-invasive device based on proprietary EMS ballistic technology. This method is dedicated to the treatment of cellulite (I to III degree).Swiss Cellvibe® generates acoustic vibrations that are transmitted to the tissues up to 20 times per second.Swiss Cellvibe ® triggers complex biological responses in subcutaneous tissues, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, activating collagen renewal and enhancing the strength of connective tissues.The appearance of cellulite is markedly reduced, improving the elasticity and stability of the skin. The Swiss Cellvibe® method provides proven treatment results and comfort.


  • cellulite
  • flabby skin
  • elastosis
  • pale skin


Cellulite treatment (I-III degree).

Non-invasive treatment.

One course decreases one stage of cellulite.


Swiss Cellvibe® is CE certified in Europe.