Oxyjet Leo Deluxe

Oxyjet Leo Deluxe

Compact multifunctional cosmetic device for oxygen therapy. It helps to solve a wide range of skin problems. After all, oxygen is the elixir of life!

How the system works

Oxyjet Leo Deluxe - generates pure oxygen (98%) from the air with the help of a special filter system. All means for working with the device are carefully selected taking into account their molecular weight, mechanism of action, biological activity and harmlessness.

The German company Nora Bode has a patent to manufacture oxygen injection. It is the pressure that allows oxygen to penetrate deep between the cellular space into the epidermis. Technology works efficiently and without any needles.

Oxyjet Leo Deluxe uses all possible concepts to improve the absorption of oxygen into the skin;

OXYclear - deep oxygen purification;

OXYJet - Oxygen injection under pressure;

OXYtone - oxygen lifting;

CRYO2 - cold oxygen lifting;

OXYspray - oxygen spraying;

OXYdiamond - oxygen-diamond peeling;

BIO2Light - photo-oxygen therapy.


  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • wrinkles around eyes and lips;
  • loss of face contour;
  • contaminated skin;
  • pigmentation, age spots on the neck, neckline and hands.


There are no side effects and health risks.

There is no rehabilitation period.

Clean and fresh skin without any inflammation and irritation.


Nora Bode has obtained a patent for a needle-free oxygen mesotherapy technology in Germany.