Lutronic LASEMD

Lutronic LASEMD

Lutronic has made a breakthrough in aesthetic medicine and developed a unique laser system with DDS (transdermal drug delivery) / CDS (delivery of cosmetic substances).

How the system works

The mechanism of action of the laser is that it forms microchannels on the skin of the head, through which the ingredients of serums (with a very small size of molecules) penetrate the microchannels to a predetermined depth, after which the microchannels are closed, without a single damage.


  • Prevention of wrinkles;
  • Rejuvenation;
  • Lighting;
  • Bleaching
  • Epidermal melasma;
  • Dermo-epidermal pigmentation;
  • Reduced skin elasticity;
  • Scar reduction;
  • Smoothing the skin;
  • Hair loss;
  • Neckline care.


Lasemd provides treatment for all skin types all year long.

There is no rehabilitation period.

The procedure is absolutely painless and safe.


Lutronic Lasemd is certified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as well as by CE in Europe, ISO 13485 in USA and has QSR standard.