Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 Laser

Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 Laser

AcuPulse is a super impulse CO2 laser. It is used for deep and superficial ambulation, grinding, and tissue removal.

How the system works

Lumenis AcuPulse Fractional CO2 is the new gold CO2 laser skin lifting and grinding system that combines three lasers in one device for greater efficiency. The technique is based on the short-term impact of laser energy on the skin. Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 Laser triggers collagen and elastin production in deep layers of the dermis, which causes a change in skin structure - it becomes more dense and elastic, natural in color. This approach guarantees quick recovery and low risk of complications.

The Genesis Clinic offers Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 Laser not only for solving surgical aesthetics issues, but also for women's health. AcuPulse ™ offers a range of minimally invasive solutions for women to help manage gynecological diseases and affect their well-being, confidence and closeness.

When working with delicate anatomy, the goal is first and foremost to avoid thermal injury. That is why AcuPulse CO 2 laser technology is the best treatment that can be used with different approaches:

  • Vaginal;
  • Colposcopic;
  • Laparoscopic.


  • medium and deep wrinkles;
  • clear signs of photoaging;
  • post acne scars;
  • uneven skin tone and texture;
  • pigment spots (caused by sun or aging);
  • vulvar-vaginal rejuvenation;
  • onychomycosis;
  • removal of skin tumors;
  • stretch marks;
  • vaginal abscess;
  • genital warts;
  • cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN);
  • soldering.


The procedure is painless.      

Short procedure.    

Minimum rehabilitation period.


The Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 Laser is FDA certified (US Food and Drug Administration).