Eximia HR77 Platinum

Eximia HR77 Platinum

Absolute beauty and excellent physical well-being without surgery. Just 7 days to get the perfect figure.

How the system works

Eximia is a new generation combination device for body correction and rejuvenation. The uniqueness is that the machine covers large areas of fat and eliminates cellulite. At the same time it burns extra pounds and tightens the skin. The secret to Eximia's effectiveness in the use of four different nozzles, each with its own purpose:

  • Microdermolift - improves skin tone and prepares it for the next step, providing natural oxidation and skin rejuvenation.
  • Multipolar Lazerporation is an effective alternative to surgical liposuction thanks to a patented technology that significantly reduces the amount of adipose tissue.
  • Endoradiomag uses vacuum-roller massage technology with radiolifting to effectively achieve results for even the most demanding areas of the body.
  • Radiolift – stimulates the production of cells by the body's collagen and elastin, improves skin elasticity, increases blood circulation.


  • overweight;
  • cellulite;
  • local fat;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • wrinkles on the skin, dryness;
  • skin defects after acne, scarring, pigmentation;
  • sagging skin due to weight loss;
  • reduction of muscle tone.


The procedure is as comfortable as possible, does not cause stress on the body.

No preparation before the procedure.

The result is already on the first day.