3Deep technology is the latest aesthetic technique developed and patented by EndyMed (Israel). It provides unprecedented clinical effects in procedures of lifting, skin strengthening, correction of wrinkles, treatment of scars and stretch marks, acne and post acne, reduction of hyperpigmentation. EndyMed's multifunctional apparatus platform offers comprehensive RF therapy, including fractional superficial ablation (FSR), volumetric remodeling of the skin using a microneedle, and vacuum exposure.

How the system works

Manipula 3 Deep Intensif allows you to perform deep 3D remodeling and skin rejuvenation procedures to seal and strengthen it, for wrinkle smoothing, as well as to treat atrophic post acne, traumatic scars and body stretches. The 3Deep Intensif microgloss technology delivers energy directly into the dermis at the optimum therapeutic amount with minimal impact on the epidermis, stimulating powerful synthesis of new collagen and elastin.


Manipula 3 Deep FSR is aimed at correcting problematic areas of the skin of the face and body. This technology is intended for fractional rejuvenation and treatment of skin irregularities, hyperpigmentation, smoothing of wrinkles and scars, atrophic scars and post acne, traumatic scars on the body. The effect is achieved as safely as possible.


Manipula 3 Deep MiniShaper is specifically designed to eliminate local fat deposits and tighten the skin in small areas like the submental area, the V-zone (lower third of the face), hands, knees. The MiniShaper works on the basis of a focused 3 Deep technology with a depth of warming up to 8 mm. A special protocol for lifting the oval of the face was developed for MiniShaper as a result of which the lumps were pulled, the second chin was removed, and a young outlined contour was obtained. The procedure is comfortable and efficient. It does not require a recovery period, so it can be performed at any time.



Manipula 3 Deep iFine is specially designed for the treatment of periorbital and perioral areas. The ergonomic iFine shape allows you to perform procedures on the thin skin of these complex areas. The special configuration of the manipula allows to stimulate effectively and safely the processes of rejuvenation of the delicate skin of the eyes and lips areas. Procedures with 3Deep iFine allows to get 100% of clients satisfaction who want to get the natural result of rejuvenation of the periorbital zone, which is difficult to correct.


Manipula 3 Deep Contour is for weight loss, body shaping and lifting, effective cellulite removal and stretch marks. The simultaneous use of vacuum and 3Deep energy activates the lymphatic system, improves microcirculation, stimulates lipolysis.


  • Indications;
  • Crow’s feet;
  • Wrinkles around the eyes;
  • Expanded pores and post acne;
  • Scars and stretch marks;
  • Mimic wrinkles;
  • Ptosis of the skin of the face;
  • Uneven skin structure;
  • Pigment spots.


The carefully designed EndyMed PRO system is versatile, equipped with several types of manipulators to work in different areas of the face and body.

The EndyMed PRO system automatically measures the complete electrical resistance of the tissues, providing accurate energy metering in the tissues, depending on the individual electrical conductivity of each patient's skin.

Guaranteed result from doctors at GENESIS clinic and no rehabilitation period.


EndyMed 3Deep Pro is internationally certified by the FDA, CE.