Cristal Cryolipolis

Cristal Cryolipolis

Non-invasive liposuction is a unique opportunity for those who do not venture into plastic surgery but is looking for the perfect figure.

How the system works

Cristal Medical Cryolipolysis is a procedure of apparatus weight loss. Under the influence of cold, the fat cells freeze and go out of the body naturally through the lymphatic system. This is the only solution for fat deposits that appeared due to genetic features, without surgery (liposuction), without anesthesia. It is the most popular weight loss machine in France.

During the procedure, the fat deposits are treated by cold of -9 degrees (depending on the fat deposits, the procedure lasts from 50 to 90 minutes). Fat cells do not withstand the effects of cold and die. They do not recover (a certain amount of fat cells have been laid in our bodies since childhood) and are naturally excreted from the body by the lymphatic system within a few months after the procedure.

The cold on the Cristal Medical Cryolipolysis Machine (France), unlike other types of standard cryolipolysis (on other devices for example, Korean or Chinese production), does not injure the subcutaneous tissue, dermis, epidermis and internal organs, since the Cristal device has 14 sensors, which control the depth of action of the cold and its distribution in the area of action (weight loss occurs evenly).In addition, the procedure is performed only when the chosen area is at least 2 cm, and the cold penetrates to a depth of 1.5 cm. The skin at this time is protected from the cold with a special thermo tissue.

Cristal offers a number of different applicators to handle all parts of the body, both for men and women:

  • Belly;
  • Fat deposits on the waist;
  • The breeches area;
  • Back;
  • Hips;
  • Knees;
  • Hands;
  • Chin.


  • overweight;
  • fat deposits on the belly, belly sides, back, waist, legs, hips, arms;
  • cellulite.


Without anesthesia and surgery.

Without damage to the body, there is no rehabilitation period.

Cryolipolysis is performed at any time of the year.


Cristal is fully developed and manufactured in France, meets the highest European standards and complies with all medical equipment directives.